Chapter I

by Crown For The Rat King

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released December 8, 2013



all rights reserved


Crown For The Rat King Minsk, Belarus

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Track Name: Chapter I
In a honour of debt
We left the guilty behind
With the name of the LORD
and the blessing of God

No one will hide from the justice
Guilt hovers over the enemy lines
we'll give them forgivness
with the sharpness of our teeth

there's no remorse, and no doubt
Mass of orders replace the will
Our hearts marching in a single rhythm

Name of lord, and god
light our fearless, relentless soul
No place for "I", only "we" and for "us"

Screaming and running in the arms of our death
so deep we know something that no one was told
that behind frontal line there is same creature with soul
but today it's against our god, and our lord

Now We fight like wolves and we die like wolves
in a troop, but so lonely and empty inside
maybe with pair of wings we'll look
like black cloud of crows
in search of our flesh

and they collide
on this bloody altar
for their lords
protected by gods

beaks against teeth
heart against heart
for the reasons
that no one knows
cause the rebellion is blind

Dirt in the sky, blood on snow
red and white with grey tone
Will of lord, bless of god
crow pecked wolf, wolf bite crow

I cut my eyes
cause seeing can't bear this load
without scalding tears
I sear my heart
cause life with crying heart
is agony
Back on front of mother
out of all
In a forest depth
Holding useless story
Deep into an empty chest
Into the chest